Repeat Offender

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God. Believer in the Christian faith. But the men I meet? Boy oh boy!

(courtesy of Google)
(courtesy of Google)

When I was trying to think about what to write about this week, I knew that I didn’t want to write about anything too serious. I’ve been in a happy, good, silly, fun mood this week, so I decided it was time to share another one of my silly, crazy dating stories that happened this year. So here goes (haha)…

At the end of 2014, I ran into this gentleman. I was coming out of a building and he was going in. He literally stopped me in my tracks and told me how beautiful he thought I was.

Well isn’t that refreshing? I thought to myself. He didn’t make any sexual innuendos about my lips as big and full as they care, didn’t call me shawty, baby, or any of those other ridiculous names men feel way too comfortable calling women they barely met. He actually seems like a gentleman.

He proceeded to ask me if I was single for which I told him yes. So he asked could he get my number so he could take me out sometime. Why not?. I thought.

I gave him my number and went on about my day. Later that night he hit me up. It actually caught me off guard. I’m used to men waiting a little while before hitting me up but hey, maybe he’s just a man who knows what he wants! So I didn’t let it bother me and continued to go with the flow.

He asked to take me to dinner. I said, when. He said tonight. I told him I had plans that night already (had church). So he was willing to take a rain check.

In the days to follow, our conversations become more relationship-focused than getting to know each other. He was a little older than me (33 vs my 27) and he seemed to be ready to settle down and was looking for a wife, like NOW. Now that’s all fine and dandy – I too want to get married one day-but in the first week that I meet you?! Surely, you can’t possibly know I’m the one that soon?!

Idk. Maybe he felt some kind of way. I don’t know. All I know is all this wedding talk and wanting me to be his woman and stuff after only one week had me feeling like he and I weren’t on the same page at all. I’m the kind of woman who wants to take my time and get to know you first. I’ve made too many relationship mistakes where I rushed into things. I don’t want to rush anymore. But he was adamant about us being an “item” about us being a couple.  I’m like slow down bruh, I’ve only known you for a week! So I politely told him that I think we are in 2 different places in life and perhaps I’m not what he’s looking for now.

I deleted his number after that and kept it moving…

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“Crazy Eddie” The Final Chapter

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God.  Believer in the Christian faith.  But the men I meet? Boy oh boy!

If you’ve been following my blog these past few weeks, then you have already heard about Crazy Eddie.  (If you missed Parts 1, 2 and 3, catch up here).

So, the next day is officially Valentine’s Day.  I’m talking to my homegirl on the phone as I drive to work, telling her all about Crazy Eddie and how he must’ve finally gotten the point because I hadn’t heard from him.

I pull into the parking lot, turn my car off and tell my girl bye.  Next thing you know my whistle tone goes off signaling I have a new text message. Hmm. It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning, who could this be?

I open up the phone and it’s none other than “Crazy Eddie”.  He sends me a picture of his chest all oily and what not and the picture is framed in a Valentine’s day border with the words, “Be My Valentine” on the bottom of it…

You know what…I’m going to do something different.  Instead of me telling this story, I’m actually just going to post screenshots of our text conversation that  morning right here lol.  This way you can see the crazy ish I deal with on a regular. I’ll blur out the pictures because I’m a nice person, plus, as the conversation goes on, the pictures change from PG to Rated R.   Are you ready? Haha. Here it goes.. Continue reading ““Crazy Eddie” The Final Chapter”

Future Husband or nah?

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God.  Believer in the Christian faith.  But the men I meet? Boy oh boy!!!

or nah
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I mean I thought that as you got older, the dating scene would change.  Boy was I ever wrong. Seems like the games only get more complicated, the lies more excessive and the drama more intensified. And the things some of these men say to me sometimes have me like whoa! From trying to convince me to have sex with them to showing me their fake bling or fanning their tax refunds in my face to make me think they have more money than they actually do  (as though money is going to buy them a ticket into my pants). Yep, I’ve heard it all.  But you know what?  I’m learning that I could either be depressed and sad about my dating prospects or I can approach this dating scene and the “lames” I meet with a little laughter.  I choose the latter. So grab you a drink and let’s get started with the crazy, funny, ridiculous stories about the “lames” and “not-so-lames” I meet in my new blog series:  “Dating Chronicles – My Crazy Dating Life in 1000 Words or Less”.

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