~ Disclaimer ~

Welcome to the Queendom! Thank you for taking time to visit my site! My name is Videllia (aka Lady V) and I am here to encourage you to know your worth and not settle for less!

Specifically, my page focuses on the areas of singleness, dating, relationships and self-worth. I don’t profess to have all the answers but I do share from my own experiences and research to empower YOU to make better relationship decisions for your life. Like you, I still make mistakes on the journey but in this community, we learn from each other. I may not always get it right but I welcome different perspectives and encourage you to share your own thoughts. The #1 rule in this Queendom is RESPECT. Show respect to me and all of the other members of this community and TOGETHER let’s navigate this space from singleness to relationships as the Queens and Kings we were destined to be.

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