~ Meet Lady V ~

Videllia (aka “Lady V”) is a blogger and empowerment speaker with an emphasis on all things love. Specifically, she helps women navigate the space from singleness to relationships, while building their self-worth along the way and then using that self-worth to confidently make better relationship decisions for their lives.

Lady V’s transparency in sharing her heartbreak holds no bounds. She has dated men who were low-down and men who were on the down low and some of everything in between, which of course lead to a lot of pain. After experiencing the worst of heartbreak, relationships, abuse, narcissism and a failed engagement, she went on a journey of healing and self-discovery. That journey led her right here – into her purpose. Sharing from her own painful past, Lady V’s authenticity and creative content has made her a favorite among many who feel like she’s just another girlfriend they can easily talk to.

Lady V continues to challenge relationship standards and has inspired both women and men across the globe. Her mission: to provide motivational content, events and services in the fields of singleness, dating, relationships, self-worth and empowerment that helps people recognize their worth and never settle for anything less than what they deserve. Welcome to the Queendom!

When she’s not empowering women and men through her platforms, Lady V enjoys writing/blogging, traveling, working out, reading, fashion, dancing, and spending time with her family/friends in her home in Texas.

You are a Queen and you deserve a King! But recognize that you are a STILL a Queen even without a King!

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