About OnlyLadyV

My name is Videllia (named after my late great-grandmother) and I go by Lady V. I am a love and relationships coach and women’s empowerment speaker. A flawed and imperfect Texas gal, I love to wear my glasses more than my contacts, love me some Jesus and change my hair often haha. But the one thing I love most is talking about all things singleness, relationships and self-worth.

Specifically, my real passion is to provide women and men with motivational content, events and services in the fields of singleness, dating, relationships, self-worth and empowerment.

Listen, I have had more relationship hearbreaks then you can imagine!. I often joke that I am a walking Lifetime movie haha. I have dated abusers, toxic people, liars, cheaters, men who were low-down and yes, I’ve even dated men who were on the down-low! So my heartbreak has known no bounds. But, after experiencing the worst of relationships, abuse, narcissism, a failed engagement AND heartbreak, I went on a journey of healing and self-discovery. That journey has brought me here and I love talking about all things relationships!

I teach people healing through my painful experiences and help them to always recognize their royalty and never settle for anything less than God’s best! My focus is to teach you how to navigate the space from singleness to relationships with all the fun and crazy in between. I help to empower people to know their worth and to use that self-worth to confidently make better relationship decisions for their lives.

You are a Queen and you deserve a King! But recognize that you are a STILL a Queen even without a King!

Welcome to the Queendom.

XoXo ~Videllia

Videllia is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by day and is also a love and relationship coach. While not meeting the demands of her corporate clients, Videllia enjoys writing/blogging, traveling, working out, reading, fashion, dancing, and spending time with her family/friends. She’s also a huge advocate of giving back to her community and often participates in several community service initiatives every year. She even uses her birthday every year to receive donation supplies for a local charity in lieu of gifts. Her motto – “for every year that God blesses me with life, I ought to be a blessing to others!” She hopes that this site will bless you too!

For booking inquiries, please email at only1v.inspire@gmail.com.

This is her official website. Her work has been published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram Newspaper and on the following sites:

  • qwcdevos.com
  • fempotential.com
  • anewmedre.com
  • prettyentrepreneur.com