Single? Dating? In a relationship? My mission is to teach you how to navigate the space from singleness to relationships and everything in between while building your self-confidence and worth along the way!

My name is Videllia (named after my late great-grandmother) and I go by Lady V. I am a relationship coach and women’s empowerment speaker and one thing I love most is talking about all things singleness, dating, relationships and self-worth.

After experiencing the worst of relationships, abuse, narcissism, a failed engagement AND heartbreak, I went on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Though that journey wasn’t easy, I have learned so many valuable tips along the way that I know can help you at whatever stage you are in within your own life. Specifically, I focus on empowering people to know their worth and to use that self-worth to confidently make better relationship decisions for their lives. Feel free to check out everything my site has to offer! ~Videllia

Coaching Services

I offer a variety of coaching services in the areas of: Singleness, Dating, Relationships and Self-Worth. Book your FREE consultation call now.

Empowerment Resources

Visit our Empowerment corner which is equipped with FREE courses and resources to help you along your journey.

Our Products

Shop our royal collection of products which includes empowering merchandise to remind you to Know Your Worth and recognize the Queen within!

Girls Night In:
Intimate Conversations with Lady V

Join us for our virtual Girls Night In events which include a signature drink, games, giveaways, fun and a live Q&A chat with Lady V!

“Marriage is not a reward for doing something right and singleness is not a punishment for doing something wrong. Remember that.”

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