Stop Settling For People You Truly Don’t Desire

I find a lot of times when people are dating, they settle for characteristics of a person that they truly do not want. Well here’s to no more settling. Check out my latest video and find out how knowing what you want in a mate can help you better navigate your own singleness, dating andContinue reading “Stop Settling For People You Truly Don’t Desire”

You’re Not Too Old

You can listen to this post as a podcast or you can read it in full. Both are included below.   Hey Queens! As a newly single Queen (again), I’ve been spending a lot of time pausing and reflecting on my past relationship. His mistakes as well as mine. Red flags that I may haveContinue reading “You’re Not Too Old”

Single Sistah Masterclass + FREE GIVEAWAY!

Ever asked God why are you single?   Hey Single Queens!!! I’m super excited to introduce you all to a new feature coming to my website this month. Each month I will post a Single Sistah Podcast with motivational topics for all of my single ladies!!! To kick off this new feature, I will beContinue reading “Single Sistah Masterclass + FREE GIVEAWAY!”

Why Am I Single

Hey Single Queens!!! February is the month of “love” but for singles, I know it can be challenging trying to remain positive in this season. If you’ve ever asked God why you are (still) single or need some encouragement on your single journey, then this video is for you! I’m also offering a FREE devotionalContinue reading “Why Am I Single”

“He’s Just Not That Into You”

A friend sent me the picture below not too long ago and it instantly reminded me of a time in my life (well let’s be honest here – SEVERAL times in my life lol) where I was all sad because I found myself interested in a man who obviously was not interested in me.  IContinue reading ““He’s Just Not That Into You””