“He’s Just Not That Into You”

A friend sent me the picture below not too long ago and it instantly reminded me of a time in my life (well let’s be honest here – SEVERAL times in my life lol) where I was all sad because I found myself interested in a man who obviously was not interested in me.  I remember one specific time, texting my friend these little crying face emoji’s (I know pathetic right? lol) as I was reminiscing on the times that I had shared with a man of my past that I no longer shared.

But then reality hit? What times did we actually share?

img_20161107_201555The late night text messages asking me to come over whenever it was convenient for him? The occasional meal that we shared only for weeks to go by in between when I would hear from him again?  The pretending like he didn’t know me in public but trying to be profess his “love” for me in private? When I actually stopped to take time to think about it – we didn’t really have any memorable moments for me to be sad at! In fact, the only thing that that man had done in my life was actually draw me further away from God. I began to put him on the throne instead of God. But still, I knew he liked me.  I mean, sure, it took him a while to respond and he never initiated conversations or dates or whatever but he was just busy right?

Does any of that sound familiar? Oh no? So you gone act like it was just me out here making excuses for these men huh? Lol, that’s okay.  The first step towards getting better for your life is admitting when you’ve been wrong. You see, as women, we make excuses for a man’s actions instead of accepting it for what it is.  If a man is interested in you (and not just your body, what you can do for him, etc.), he will show it.  Point. Blank. Period.  And guess what? You won’t have to convince yourself that he’s into you. You’ll just know it!

Something that we do often is try to create pieces to fit into a puzzle that were never destined to be there.  Still confused? Simply put, there is no sense in trying to force something that God never intended for you to have in the first place.  And just in case, you glossed over that part, let me repeat it to you–


Write that down. Say it out loud. Make it your background on your phone. Go all Being Mary Jane with it, if you must!  Whatever you have to do to remind yourself that you deserve more then do it! You deserve someone who will initiate phone calls (and not just text messages), who will actually plan a date (instead of telling you to come over and Netflix and Chill), who will let you know where you stand in his life (instead of showing you he wants all the benefits of a boyfriend/husband without actually committing to you), who will tell you when he’s thinking about you (instead of ignoring you), and who is consistently around and trying to be around you.  And anyone who isn’t doing those things simply just isn’t into you beautiful.

You deserve a man who will make you a priority so stop settling for less! God’s very best man is out there and he’s ready to show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid. (Sorry, I really love the movie Aladdin and that song is my jam lol).

Until next time loves….know your worth!


Published by Videllia

I'm just a young woman trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

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