Flying Past Fear; Soaring Into Your Faith

I’m currently on a plane from New York City back to Dallas, Texas. Now a little something about me: I love seeing new places in the world (and New York was a place I had not yet been) BUT I am not the biggest fan of flying. Weird, huh? Well I’ve never been the most normal person anyway (haha).

When I fly I am given a lot of time to think about life and with me being an over thinker anyway, this extra time is usually the devil’s playground.  But today’s flight has me pretty shaken up. It’s not exactly the smoothest ride. So I put on my MP3 player and turn it to my Gospel playlist. I begin to pray over my flight, the pilot and assistants. I pray for the people on the plane and that God calms the wind. I continue to sing and pray and sing and pray. Then I hear a little voice in my spirit. “Videllia, it’s time for you to truly learn to step out on faith”. You see I’m that kind of person that talks a good game sometimes but don’t believe it  all myself. Yes, I believe I have faith. I’m a Christian for Pete’s sake so I already know all I need is that mustard size faith and I’m good to go (somebody shout!). But why then is it when I get on a plane that all that faith goes out the window? Is my God not the same God that has carried me safely to and from my destinations in the past? Is my God not the same God that has protected me from hurt, harm and danger everyday of my life? 

You see God IS that same God. He is that God from yesterday, today and will be the same God forevermore. God hasn’t changed. The ONLY thing that has changed was my faith in Him. Ouch! How can I truly say I have faith when I only trust in God if the ride is smooth? And as soon as I experience a little turbulence, I start to have doubts? Life has gotten a little tougher, there are a few bumps in the road and now it’s like God where are you? Are you guilty of this?

I’m sitting on this plane at this very moment like God where are you? I’m praying you calm the winds but there are still bumps on our ride. Surely that means you’re not listening to me. I thought you said all we have to do is pray and ask in your name and it will be given unto us. So where are you God?

And I can hear God telling me that it’s not that he is ignoring me but that my doubts are speaking to him more. I’ve become doubting Videllia. He whispers to my spirit that I need to have faith in him.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to help me. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. You see he loves me so much that instead of giving me what I want (a smooth ride), he is giving me what I need (a lesson in faith).  What I WANT only fixes things temporarily,( i.e. I make it to my destination safely) and bam done. But what I NEED? Faith. Yeah, that’s something that I can use over and over again in every aspect of my life.

So what does that look like? Living in faith? That’s a good question. And…I don’t have an answer for you. I can’t sit here and tell you how to live a life of faith when I myself am learning how to do that right now. But what I can share with you is a mnemonic I came up with on the plane ride that has helped me in my life.

Am I


For me, that’s exactly what my faith is. Learning to replace the fear in my life with trust in God. God did not give us a spirit of fear anyway, but of a sound mind. As you continue to face life’s challenges whether it be turbulence, career choices, relationships, family struggles and other trials and tribulations, learn to replace your fear with trust. It’s not an easy thing to do but whenever you’re faced with a challenge, simply say “fearless am I in trusting him”. Think of yourself as your own superhero. With Gods help you can conquer anything so there really is no need for you to be afraid. Just continue to trust in him and the powers he has already given you and you will be on your way to living a life of faith.

Writing this has definitely helped calm my nerves on my flight and I hope it’s blessed you just as much as it has blessed my spirit.

But for real though God, can we just stop shaking for like 10 mins? Lol. Work in progress people, don’t judge me 🙂


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