What topics would you like to see?

Hey loves! I am working on some new things for the website, including posting more receipes, vlogs and podcasts.  I hope that you’ve been enjoying what you’re getting so far but I cannot wait to share with you all some more things that I have in store.  I also have a few collaborations coming up with some other organizations as well so be sure you stay tuned and are subscribed to this site to stay in the know.

With that said, I wanted to take a quick break from my regularly scheduled blog posts to ask you all what are some things that you would like to see on my site? Are there any topics that you want to see?  Any vlogs that you want me to record?  Or do you just need encouragement in a specific area of your life?  Feel free to include your thoughts in the comments section below or send me an email.  My goal is to do a post, podcast or video for all of the topics that I get so all you have to do is let me know!

Stay tuned for next week – I’ll be going back to my regularly scheduled posting schedule with a new vlog and podcast.



My First Vlog – “Self-Worth”

Hey loves!!!

Videllia, here, and I am super excited to share with you all one of my most recent projects. My first ever VLog interview by Ms. Victoria Edmond -Blogger and Creator of Burden Free Beauty Products.

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, I was afforded this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Ms. Edmond.  During our interview, we discussed my views on self-worth and beauty!  This was my first VLOG interview EVER and it definitely took me out of my comfort zone but was such an amazing experience.  For a few seconds, I felt like a Hollywood superstar! Haha.  And today, I am able to share this experience with all of you! It’s short, sweet and to the point and we hope that you all can be inspired to recognize your beauty and be confident in your self-worth.

Shout-out to Victoria for the amazing opportunity, her sister for the wonderful video editing and production skills and my amazing boyfriend for his support in helping me practice and get ready for that day!  Check out the full interview above and remember to like, comment and subscribe to my site or following me on social media @only1lady_v!

To find out more about Victoria and all of her Burden Free blogs, vlogs and products, head over to her website at: www.burdenfreebeauties.com.

Thanks for your support!