Episode 3 – “Pursue with Passion”

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Hey loves! V here, back again with another podcast!  First, let me start by thanking you all for your support!  So far, my podcasts are being well received and it motivates me to keep on sharing with you all.

Which brings me to this week’s episode – “Pursue with Passion”.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine.  She began to share with me some of her dreams and goals and how she was struggling to find the passion to pursue them. She wasn’t happy in her career.  She knew she didn’t want to continue in that career field so changing companies was also not an option.  However, she did know that she wanted to go into business for herself.

When I asked her why won’t she start doing the necessary work to get her business off the ground – she listed several EXCUSES – fear of rejection, fear of not receiving support from others and lack of motivation/passion were among her top three.

I wonder how many of you out there are in the same boat.  You’re not happy with your career and you have all of these ideas to start a not-for-profit, a t-shirt business, a V-log/You-Tube channel, create your own business, etc. but you find that you lack passion and motivation or are too afraid to take a leap of faith.

And just as I challenged my friend, I want to challenge you all too! Have you ever considered where you could be by now if you had already gotten started yesterday? That’s such a powerful question to ask ourselves as it really makes us realize how much time we waste living in fear and not pursuing our dreams.  They say that the graveyard is the richest place on Earth and it’s not because of all of the money spent in burying the dead.  No – it’s considered the richest place because of all of the knowledge, all of the dreams, all of the businesses that were never started because someone was living in fear and/or not pursuing their goals with a fervor like no other!

All of the not-for-profits that were never started.

All of the t-shirts that were never made.

All of the V-logs that were never shared to inspire others.

All of the business that were never created!

I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t want my dreams to die with me! That is why I am pursuing them with every ounce of passion I have and I want to encourage you to do the same.  Me starting this blog journey was me pursuing my dreams with every passion that I have! No one can see the vision you have and no one can execute that vision like you can.  That is why God specifically chose you to be the one to have the dream in the first place! He already knew you were the best person for the job!  Please don’t allow your dreams to die with you!

Next week, I’m going to share with you all my third-quarter goals check in.  Basically, I set goals in the New Year, as did most of you, and every quarter I revisit those goals to make sure I’m on track!  I encourage you to look at it as you evaluate your own goals and I pray that you begin to pursue all of your dreams with a passion and motivation like you never have before.


Second Quarter Goals Check-In

Hey loves!!!

One thing that I’ve learned in all of my years of setting goals for myself is to share those goals with others and have them hold me accountable.  Therefore, I shared with you all my goals for the beginning of the year on January 1st, 2017.  You can read that original post here.  Then in Q1, I gave you all an update, which you can read here.

As stated before, each and every quarter I’m going to revisit these goals to ensure I’m staying on track of my New Year vision and to make sure you keep track on your vision as well!

Here’s an update on my progress on my blogging goals:

  1. As of today, I partially have achieved my goal to post on my site at least once a week.  Fell off a little in March-May as that was the busiest time of year at work for me, but picking that back up now.
  2. I did officially create my podcast channel but am still working on getting my podcasts up and running.  This was something I said I wanted to do by Q2 but alas I have not.  Fingers crossed for this to be done by Q3.  Be sure you’re following it on Soundcloud here.  It will contain the same content as my blog posts but is for those out there who’d rather listen than read. I also plan to introduce a new series especially for women that you don’t want to miss!
  3. I kicked off my first giveaway in February and it was met with a great response rate. I also just recently reached 1,000 followers on Instagram and will be doing a giveaway to thank all of those lovely people here soon.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for your chance of winning.
  4. I partnered with two other bloggers and hosted giveaways with them which helped me reach my network and collab goal for the year. I also did a joint Vlog with another blogger in April which was posted to YouTube! My first Vlog! You can view that here.
  5. I finished designing the first draft of my T-shirt and hoping to complete and finalize it for sale this summer.
  6. I have finalized my site logo (I think – I’m always changing my mind haha) and still working on creating those blogging business cards which I need.
  7. I have finally scheduled my first photo shoot to take place THIS weekend which is pushing me out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to share those pics with you all.

Wow. I’ve made some great progress so far in 2017! I am still working on my e-book and increasing my visibility and other goals but so far so good!

In terms of my personal goals, I have been grinding hard and being more consistent as well as working on my relationship with God (which has taken a back seat to everything else in life. Yes, I know this is NOT good so I’m getting back to making HIM a priority). I’ve also taken a few trips already (Orlando and Costa Rica).  I still haven’t taken a new class (like jewelry making) but it’s on my list!

My fitness has picked back up and I’ve been able to get at least 2 workouts in a week, with most weeks being 3 workouts.

As I reflect over this second quarter, I am pretty excited about what I’ve accomplished so far.  I still have more work to do but we’re off to a good start!  I’ve also added a few additional goals – the biggest being to increase my Instagram following to at least 1,500 by end of year and to write my eBook.  What series would you like to see me write about?

Now what about you? How are you doing with your New Year’s Goals?  Let me know through the comments section.  If you’ve fallen off, it’s not too late to start! I’ll be checking on you again in the third quarter so best of luck!

~Many blessings,