Uber Fun

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God. Believer in the Christian faith. But the men I meet? Boy oh boy!

Haha looks like we’re back! More of my crazy funny dating stories.  You missed those right? Yes I know but I’ve been taking a break from the dating scene lately.  Unfortunately, it looks like no matter whether I take a break or not, these crazy stories still seem to find their way into my life…

…Let’s begin shall we.  Here’s a quick story that happened to me literally two days ago.  It’s a tale that I call, “Uber Fun”.


So I took a random trip to Vegas this past Sunday. My best friend and I had some time off so we were like let’s just do it.  Take a trip and live it up. And live it up we did haha.

I land back in town Wednesday night around 10:30 p.m. I’m beyond exhausted and just ready to get home. I parked my car at my friend’s house who stayed about 15 minutes away from the airport.  She had dropped me off Sunday morning but since my flight got in late, I decided to take an Uber to her house instead.

I download the Uber app and request a pickup.  The driver had 4.5 stars.  Perfect, I thought. This should be a smooth ride.

The driver arrives at the airport and helps me load my bags into his trunk. I thank him and our journey begins.  He asks me about my trip and where I was coming from.  I wasn’t really in the mood for small talk since it had been a long day of traveling but hey, he is driving with my life in his hands and I am a female and it’s late so I decide to indulge.  I tell him I just came from Vegas for vacation.  He mentions he never has been there and would like to go one day. I encourage him to do so.

The conversation then shifts from Vegas to careers.  I discuss how I’m an accountant and how I went to The University of Texas at Austin.  He proceeds to tell me about his major in biochemistry and how he just came over from Nigeria a few years ago.  He really does all the talking as again I’m exhausted from all day traveling and only half-listening. I offer an occasional yes and nod of my head as I stare out the window ready to get to my car.

Once we pull up to my car a little after 11p.m., I ask that he pop his trunk and I grab my things and walk to my car. I notice that he stares at me the entire time, intently.  In fact, I began to feel a little uncomfortable.  It was already late at night and there were no other cars on the road – just me and this driver so I hurried to gather the rest of my things so that I could rush to my car. Once I get to my car, I notice he hadn’t yet pulled off so I wait for a minute or so until he finally pulls off.  Once he did, I start my car, and begin my 20 minute journey home.

I get home and notice I have an email. I check my email and there were two from Uber.  Why in the heck is Uber emailing me? I open up the emails (both sent within 3 minutes of each other) and notice that the driver sent a notification that I had left something in his car. Instantly, I call his number (as the driver’s direct number was included within the email). I didn’t even think to block my number because I was just trying to get my things back.

He didn’t answer.

Shortly after, I get a call back and I state that I received a notification that I had left something in his car. He asks was I the woman he had picked up from the airport and I said yes.

He proceeds to tell me that I actually did NOT leave anything in his car.  Wait, I’m confused – what? I asked him again so you’re saying I didn’t leave anything in your car.  He says yes and admits that he only sent the notification so that he could have my real telephone number. He tells me that he enjoys talking to me (though I don’t know why because I barely said much of anything to him) and that he wanted to get my number to ask if we could continue talking sometime and if he could take me out.

I kindly told him no thank you and that was the end of that call.

I posted a status on my Facebook shortly thereafter about whether or not to report this guy and I received mixed reviews.  Many of my friends thought that I should be flattered and perhaps he was just shy and that this was just his shy attempt of asking me out.  Still, quite a few of my friends agreed with me that this was unprofessional and I should report him to Uber because this situation could’ve easily turned dangerous for me very quickly and could be dangerous for someone else in the future. And one friend even mentioned he does not know how I keep finding myself in these situations but that it would make for a great writing story (hence why you all are reading this post lol).

Either way, one thing’s for certain…I will never take an Uber late at night again by myself…


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