My Last Beauty Haul

Hey loves!
I wanted to do something a little different and share with you all my latest beauty haul! I love fashion and beauty products and am slowly trying to expand my blog to include these items.  So if you want to see a few things that are staples in my vanity, read more below.
1) Black Opium Perfume by YSL
This is by far my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE perfume on the market right now.  It is a littleBlack-Opium-Yves-Saint-Laurent
pricey (currently selling for $118 for the 3oz at Ulta and Sephora) but if you are a rewards member at either store, you can usually get it during one of their sales.  I got mine for 20% off the original price and I’m so in love with it.  I typically wear Fancy by Jessica Simpson (another favorite of mine and SUPER affordable – you can usually find it at your local Ross or TJ Maxx for $25 or less!) but when I came across this one, it surpassed Fancy as my #1 perfume.  And my boyfriend absolutely loves it. J
2) Beauty Concepts Blending Sponge
I know people swear by the beauty blenders (original cost $20) but for those of you who are looking for something that is still good quality but at a much more affordable price, check out this blending sponge.  I found it for $4 at my local TJ MAXX and I think it works just as well.
3) Too Faced Liquid Lipstick
I LOOOVEEE this lipstick.  I don’t know why but I’ve been getting more into lipstains
versus your traditional lipsticks. I find that they are much more longer lasting and don’t smudge or wear off as much as a regular lipstick.  And Too Faced is definitely one of the brands leading the way in the lipstain department.  This usually retails at Sephora/Ulta for about $24 but you can catch it during a sell for up to 20% off depending on if you have status with Ulta or Sephora.
4) NYX Hydrating Primer
This is something new for me. I typically like the Laura Mercier primer but that can get a little pricey.  Ulta was having a sale on all NYX products so I figured hey why not! And so far, so good! This primer is not only hydrating but it also doesn’t cause my makeup to slide off.  I have pretty much normal skin where I sometimes get a little oily in the Tzone area and this primer works for me.  If you’re super oily this probably wouldn’t be the best primer for you as it may cause your makeup to run off but if you have dry to normal skin you definitely want to try this! And guess what? It retails for about $13! Such a steal!
5) NYX Skinny Mascara
One of my favorite YouTubers @thechicnatural used this one time in her tutorial and I’veimg_0871 been wanting it since then. I don’t use this on an everyday basis but moreso when I’m stepping out and want to give my eyes that extra pop!!!  It’s also super affordable, retailing for under $10.
6) NYX Blotting Paper
I live in Texas.  One day it is cold. The next it’s hot. One day it’s humid. The next it’s not. (Haha – I just felt like rhyming for a second lol).  Anywho, blotting paper is my best friend!  It helps to remove excess makeup while keeping your overall look flawless.  And this was super affordable too, retailing for about $4.
7) IT Superhero Mascara
This is one of my favorite mascara’s! (My other is the Makeup Forever Smoky
Extravagant Mascara).  Both retail for about $24.  I love the way this elongates my lashes!!!  Perfect for a normal workday or when I want to step out and don’t feel like putting on fake lashes.
8) Real Techniques Brush Set
Now I’m a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes so when I saw this, I had to get it.  I’m not the biggest fan of the overall design of this particular brush set but I found the entire thing at TJ Maxx for only $10.  Given that most of the RT Brushes sell for more than $10 individually, I couldn’t leave the store without it!  Perfect for my everyday routine.
9) Bella Beauty Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad
I have been wanting to buy a makeup cleansing brush set for a while now but haven’t really wanted to pay the money for a good one yet.  I stumbled across these in TJ Maxx the other day and was like why not give it a try.  It was only $10!  So far I like it.  I definitely will still buy a quality brush cleanser in the future but this will hold me over until then.  The individual cleansers have a silicone base feel and does get in between the bristles of my makeup brushes. It doesn’t get them as clean as I would like without me having to put in a little extra effort but it’s doing the trick for now.
So that’s it lovelies.  Let me know what you think about the products above or any other products you’d recommend.  Also, let me know what other fashion and beauty posts you’d like to see from me in the future.

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