Happy Thanksgiving Day Loves!

This will be a short post as I know many of you are enjoying your time with your family and friends. I love the Thanksgiving holiday.  Not only is it a great time to enjoy some food that I personally feel should be offered all year (I mean who couldn’t eat turkey and dressing everyday?! And carrot cake? Ooh what about the banana pudding and ham and mac-n-cheese and green beans and the sweet potato pies – oh heavens – those sweet potato pies! I can taste them now. Ooh and do ya’ll like german chocolate cake? It’s one of my favorites and…wait, is this a food blog post? Haha.  My apologies – I tend to get carried away when I start thinking about all of the delicious food that I’m about to partake in lol.  But anywho, let me get myself back on track here…)  

Typically, I write a post every Thanksgiving to remind us all of what we ought to be thankful for.  My post last year was a great one to truly get you to think of how you could’ve been a statistic but yet here you are, still living and breathing on your own.  I encourage you to read that and share if you have time. It’s a short one and will truly have you thinking how much worse your life and life’s situations could be for you.  You can find that post here.

This year, however, I just wanted to share a quick Thanksgiving poem that I saw posted online that can summarize everything we ought to be thankful for in a few short words.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day enjoying the time spent with family, loved ones and friends.  And remember, in all things, give thanks!


Until next time,


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