My fiance won’t put my name on the title

Hey loves! Videllia here back with another relationship tea video. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “My fiance won’t put my name on the title

  1. Did she put any money down on the house with her Fiancé, have it in writing? Does she have any bills in her name in the house (helping pay the mortgage, cable, electric??). Her drivers license along with some bills/receipts will show proof she lives there.
    When she gets married to him that will secure her in the house too. Buuuuut since she’s not married to him, it’s legally his house only. If he wants he can legally evict her and the kids.

    If you have been living together for 7-10 years that will be considerate a common law marriage so that may protect her as well depending on her STATE.

    Is her income still low? If something was to happen to her finance (God forbid!), they will come after her for the mortgage (if her name is on it), will she be able to handle those payments?

    This is the perfect time to start saving money like crazy so she will be prepared if anything will go wrong between them two. But for now keep your eyes wide opened and save that $$$. Check into the laws for your state, and always have a backup plan.


    1. Agreed sis (sorry I’m late with my response). There are so many questions that need answers here but at the end of the day,now is the time for her to start thinking on those things and preparing herself to protect herself if she ends up needing it. Thanks for your comment!


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