What Turning 30 is NOT

Hey loves! I was supposed to come to you last week with my final Thirty, Flirty and Thriving Post but I had so much fun celebrating my birthday that I didn’t get a chance to edit the post the way I wanted.  Therefore, instead of rushing and giving you all an incomplete product, I decided to take some more time to really get this post the way I wanted. So today I’m ready to share it with yall of you and I hope you enjoy.IMG_1508693366071

I was very stressed in the months leading to my 30th birthday.  Visions and goals that I had dreamt for myself and had not yet accomplished, left me feeling, well, like a failure.

I wanted to write my first published book by 30.

I wanted to own a house by 30.

I wanted to be a millionaire by 30. (Okay, wishful thinking haha but it does happen!)

I wanted to have kids by 30.

I wanted to be married by 30. (Well actually, these last two weren’t a goal of mine lol. I was pretty content living the single life but these two are things that I’ve heard numerous women including my friends confess to me.)

The list goes on…

But when I was sitting there thinking about all of this, I realized that I have done so many other things that I never even dreamt about doing.

I graduated with two degrees –  a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master’s in Professional Accounting in 5 years (when sometimes it takes people 6+ years).

I started my own blog and website before 30. No, it’s not a book, but I actively write and engage with my followers and am able to provide you all with inspiration. I even wrote a full short series about knowing your worth in February of this year.   Additionally, I’ve written for a few other websites and had a couple of my articles that I wrote in high-school published in our city’s local newspaper.

I started my own podcast channel before 30.

I started my own YouTube channel before 30.

I do not own a house but I am officially debt free – I own my car and all of my $30k+ of student loans are all paid off.  I have 0 debt and an amazing credit score (above 820).

received_10208366826967125.jpegI am unmarried and without children but was fortunate in year 29 to meet an amazing man that I am building a future with – wedding bells? It’s too soon to tell but I’m enjoying the journey every step of the way.

I’ve taken at least one international trip every year – having been to the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico as well as one new trip every year within the US – having been to New York, Chicago, LA, Vegas, Miami, Disneyworld, Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, DC and a whole host of other places – when many people never even leave their hometowns!

Have I accomplished everything that I’ve ever sat out to do by 30? Heck no.  And my guess is if you’re reading this, you haven’t either.

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out your career aspirations. Perhaps you are going back to school to figure out what’s next. Maybe you’re still in debt but have a great  plan in place to get out.

Maybe you wanted to be married by a certain age but God had other plans.  Maybe you wanted to write that book and have it published, but instead, you’ve been spending your time blogging and vlogging – which you’ve discovered to be a new passion of yours.

I just want to encourage everyone to know that turning 30 is a blessing (well turning any year older is a blessing) – it’s a blessing that God has granted you another day, another year here on this earth, to see life and you know what that means?! It means that there is STILL time for you to accomplish everything you set out to do!!!

While it is good to set goals for ourselves, we should not beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve those goals.  The beauty in seeing another day is that you still have another day to accomplish your dreams.  If you’re not where you want to be at 30 or 25, or 40, or even 50, I’m telling you it’s okay!  These “milestones”  that we place on ourselves are NOT the catch-all, end all for our dreams, accomplishments and achievements.  Instead, at 30 (and with each year that you grow), you’ll find yourself more mature, wiser, stronger than ever and you can use this to propel you into reaching new heights of achievement in your life.

Turning 30 is not the end of my dreams.  Therefore, instead of me feeling like a failure at 30, I am choosing to celebrate all of my accomplishments so far and use the year of 30 to push even harder in making more of my dreams come true and I want to encourage all of you to do the same!  Don’t focus on all of the “nots” in your life – you know, those things that you have “not” done. Instead, focus on your accomplishments and achievements and use each day that God gives you to work smarter and hustle harder in making all of your dreams come true!20171021_221056-e1509636915886.jpg


(All pics above were taken from my 30th birthday “Flashback to the 90s Party”.  We had a blast!  If you want me to share a post on how to throw your own 90s party bash, let me know in the comments section.

Unauthorized use of the above pictures are prohibited.)

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