3rd Quarter Goals Check-In

Hey loves!!!

We are continuing our accountability of one another by double-checking our goals for the year!  As you remember, I shared with you all my goals for the year which you can read here here and gave you an update in Q1, and Q2.

As stated before, each and every quarter I’m going to revisit these goals to ensure I’m staying on track of my New Year vision and to make sure you keep track on your vision as well!

Here’s an update on my progress on my blogging goals:

  1. As of today, I partially have achieved my goal to post on my site at least once a week.  Fell off a little this summer but trying to remain consistent now.
  2. I did officially create my podcast channel AND I officially launched it this month! Whoo hoo for getting this accomplished in Q3! I am still learning how to edit, add sound and effects, etc. but if I kept waiting to get everything perfect, I would never get this accomplished.  It’s a work in progress but I am glad that it officially launched.  I’ve added a podcast tab to my site for you to check out all the latest and greatest episodes.  You can also find it on Soundcloud by clicking  here.  It will contain the same content as my blog posts but is for those out there who’d rather listen than read. I also plan to introduce a new series especially for women that you don’t want to miss!
  3. I kicked off my first giveaway in February and it was met with a great response rate. I also did another giveaway for reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram in Q2. I’d like to do one more giveaway this year, hopefully my new t-shirt in Q3 so be sure to follow me on Instagram for your chance of winning.
  4. I partnered with two other bloggers and hosted giveaways with them which helped me reach my network and collab goal for the year. I also did a joint Vlog with another blogger in April which was posted to YouTube! My first Vlog! You can view that here.So hold your head high gorgeous.Show the world you're fine.Don't give in to the heartache,because people would kill to see you fall! -Author Unknown (1)
  5. I finished designing the first draft of my T-shirt and hoping to complete and finalize it for sale this quarter.  Since I’ll also be turning 30 this quarter, I’m thinking about contributing 30% of the proceeds of the sales during a period of time to a charity.  I’ll have to figure out all of those details soon.
  6. I have finalized my site logo (I think – I’m always changing my mind haha) and still working on creating those blogging business cards which I need.
  7. I scheduled my first photo shoot in Q2 and have updated my website to reflect some of those new looks!

Wow. I’ve made some great progress so far in 2017! I am still working on my e-book and increasing my visibility and other goals but so far so good! My e-book is going to be next, I’m claiming it.

In terms of my personal goals, I have been grinding hard and being more consistent as well as working on my relationship with God. In Q2, I noted that my relationship with God had taken a back seat to everything else in life but not anymore.  I have consistently been spending time with God for over 2 weeks straight now and looking to continue to increase my daily time with God.  I also have joined a few bible study support groups as well!  I’ve also taken a few trips already (Orlando and Costa Rica) and getting ready to head to New York with my boyfriend.  I still haven’t taken a new class (like jewelry making) but it’s on my list!

My fitness has picked back up and I’ve been able to get at least 3 workouts in a week, with most weeks being 3 workouts. My boyfriend bought me a step tracking device and I’m excited to reach my 10,000 steps on most days (haha)

As I reflect over this third quarter, I am pretty excited about what I’ve accomplished so far.  I still have more work to do but I think I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals so far and I still have a little over three months to go!  I’ve also added a few additional goals – the biggest being to increase my Instagram following to at least 1,500 by end of year and to write my eBook.  What series would you like to see me write about?

Now what about you? How are you doing with your New Year’s Goals?  Let me know through the comments section.  If you’ve fallen off, it’s not too late to start! I’ll be checking on you again in the third quarter so best of luck!

~Many blessings,


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3 thoughts on “3rd Quarter Goals Check-In

  1. I literally just started the whole podcast thing for my blog and I absolutely think it’s a great option. I’m so glad to hear of your accomplishments as I am a new reader myself. I definitely need to get like you on the whole fitness thing. I’ve been slacking a lot this year in that particular aspect, but I do hope I’m able to do something about it before the year runs out.

    Xo, Eleanor

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    1. Good for you!!! I’m enjoying podcasting right now and have been doing a good job keeping up with my fitness goals too. What is your podcast channel? Would love to support and follow you as well! 🙂


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