Influence over Imprint

I hope this encourages someone out there…

I started blogging and creating my website in 2014 after having dealt with an emotionally/verbally abusive relationship. I always knew that one of my gifts from God was my writing so the demise of that relationship pushed me out of my comfort zone and into sharing and inspiring others. Early on, I really wanted to make a huge impact and develop a huge following so that I could really put my mark in the world. Now, here it is two years later and most people don’t even know that I write. Twenty-seven year old Videllia from 2014 probably would’ve been easily discouraged that in two years time, my blog has not developed millions of followers, but the almost 29-year old version of myself, realized that you do not have to reach the masses in order to do Kingdom work.

All God wants you to do is be faithful over the few that he’s given you and then watch how he increases your presence and influence in his world.

So for the past 2 years, I’ve been faithful. I write as God inspires me. I do not look or worry about the number of likes or shares that come from writing a post. Yes, sometimes, it is discouraging when you feel like you are walking in your purpose but do not see the fruit of that, however over the past three weeks God has reminded me that I am doing exactly what he wants me to in the way he wants me to do it. I have had a few different people reach out to me who have been struggling with emotional hurt/pain and who said, hey I remember you wrote a blog about this a few years ago, can you send me the link again? Or hey, I am really struggling in this area and I remember your blog when you shared a similar struggle, can you give me any advice?

To me, that has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST source of reward from my blog. You see, my initial goals were to reach a mass number of people, however, I quickly realized that it wasn’t about the numbers – if only 1 person was saved, if only 1 person was healed, if only 1 person’s life changed then I had done the task that God had given to me. And his gentle reminder that I was on the right path came from these few different people who, while reaching out to me to help inspire and encourage them, were really inspiring and encouraging me to keep doing what God is having me do.

You see, I wanted to increase my IMPRINT, but God increased my INFLUENCE. I wanted to reach a large number of people but God wanted me to be able to truly influence a few people’s lives.

I say all of that to say, I see so many of you on my Facebook, Instagram timelines, in my groups, pursuing dreams. You’re pursuing them with all of the energy that you have and sometimes you may get discouraged – but you hold fast to the gift God has given you! Be faithful over what he’s told you to do and watch how he increases your influence in his world.

Stay blessed and encouraged,


Published by Videllia

I'm just a young woman trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

3 thoughts on “Influence over Imprint

  1. Very lovely. I enjoy every bit and feel inspired. What I get away with is to just keep doing what I know God wants me to do and do not worry about the results because he is the one who will give the results. If this is the message you are putting across, I buy it fully and thank you for it.


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