“Why Am I Single” Devotional Series

Ever asked God why are you single?

Feb 2018 YT_WP ArtHey Single Queens!!!

February is the month of “love” but for singles, I know it can be challenging trying to remain positive in this season. If you’ve ever asked God why you are (still) single or need some encouragement on your single journey, then let me introduce you to my new “Why Am I Single” series, a biblical study of the “Why Am I Single” devotional by Ben Stuart.

Every year, I empower you all through an amazing series during the month of February and this year is no different.  Last year it was our #KnowYourWorth series for every queen and this year, I wanted to focus on empowering all of my single Queens.

For only one week (February 11th – February 17th)  we will explore the bible, be encouraged by God’s word and celebrate this season of singleness together. (Remember, single technically means unmarried so for those in relationships, you can join too!)

And most importantly, this study is completely FREE to you! Sign up today and also receive access to my Bible Study Tips video, exclusively for those that join the series, where I share some insight on how to get more from your bible study. A welcome email with more details as well as access to my Bible Study Tips video will be sent shortly after.




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