Hey Queens and Kings!

I’m back! For real this time lol. Wow. It has been awhile since I’ve come to you with a new blog post and it’s been for good reasons.

My entire life turned upside down. Over the past few months, I had been battling some spiritual highs and lows and it just really weighed on me. So I had to take a break to take care of my self. I am a HUGE proponent of self care and I believe wholeheartedly that self care is key to a healthy YOU. Remember, it’s okay to take some time for YOU! Sometimes we all keep running ourselves until our fuel levels are on E (empty) that we run out of gas completely! I did NOT want that to happen to me. So when I realized my fuel level turned from full to low I knew I had to take some time to regroup so that I did not run out of gas completely.

And now I’m back and better than ever and can get back to what I love –which is to empower and encourage all of you. I thank all of my followers for rocking with me and encouraging me during this season. So many of you left a comment on my IG post or sent me DM’s to encourage me and you’ll never know how much your encouraging words meant to me. I truly am thankful for each of you for being a blessing to me as I took some time off for some self-care.

So with that…let’s talk BLOG Updates because I have some new features in store for all of you!

NEW MERCHANDISE:  First things up – if you missed it, I recently launched the sale of my second shirt which was designed for all of the Single Ladies!!!! This Single Queen Statement t-shirt serves as a reminder for all of you Queens out there to wait on God’s best!!! God’s best is out there waiting and looking for you Queen, I just know it! And while you wait, I want you to be encouraged! The shirts are high quality (Next Level brand) and only $25 which includes FREE shipping. Shirts are selling fast so if you would like to order yours please complete the form below and I’ll send you an invoice.

RELATIONSHIP TEA: Back in April I realized that I have a huge following of single ladies and women in relationships so I really want to bring more focus to the relationship aspect on my site.  Therefore, I will be doing more Single Sistah Podcasts/Videos as well as providing more relationship inspiration.

First, I am introducing a new segment on my website called “Relationship TEA”. This is where I give my opinion on relationship questions that matter to YOU! All you have to do is send me your relationship questions and I’ll record a video or podcast response with some advice for you! And best of all, it will be completely anonymous! If you want to submit your first question, click here.

DATE NIGHTS WITH LADY V:  I get so many questions and comments from singles trying to figure out how to keep themselves busy while waiting on God’s best! Well I am now doing a Date Nights w/Lady V segment as well. On Fridays, I will post a tip or something that you can do to enjoy a date night with yourself or with your significant other. Head on over to my Instagram page and make sure you are following me so you don’t miss out!

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Finally – I am working on hosting my first brunch in the Dallas area! It’ll be a collaboration with another brand but I don’t want to give all the details now. Make sure you sign up to stay in the know especially if you are in the DFW area!!!! It’s gonna be LIIITTT!

Also – please vote on your favorite form/content that you like to receive from me? Do you like blog posts, podcasts or videos? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Well that’s it for now. As you can see, I’ve been working hard on a few things for you all. Even though I’ve been absent I haven’t stopped grinding. And now that my tank is back on Full, I’m about to grind even harder!!!

Published by Videllia

I'm just a young woman trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

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