Dorito Chicken Casserole

Hey Loves! Videllia here! Most people don’t know this but I actually really enjoy cooking! And I’m always looking for a fun, tasty but QUICK recipe to make.  So, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorite recipes with all of you! Be sure to subscribe to receive recipe inspiration every month!

*Dorito Chicken Casserole*


Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to have a date night at home and cook together. So, I decided that I wanted to make this awesome Dorito Chicken Casserole to honor one of my cousins who passed away far too soon (#RIPAngie). She used to always cook this for us growing up! And it was sooo good! My boyfriend and I ate on it for a few days and I already have requests to bring it to the next potluck!

It’s actually a really simple recipe that I actually found on Pinterest and guess what – it only takes about 40 minutes to make! Not too bad! To view the whole recipe, click here.

Of course, I tweaked it a little and made it my own but I guarantee once you try this, you will be the hit at all of your party gatherings and so forth!  Let me know how you tweak your recipe in the comments below!  To see more of my favorite recipe posts, be sure you subscribe to the blog or follow me on Pinterest @ only1lady_v.


“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe!” ~Author Unknown

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