Ch.1: A Woman of Value

“A Kingdom Woman’s value is in Jesus Christ.  You are more than enough in HIM.” ~VDavis

This chapter stepped all on my toes!! Ouch, Jesus!

If you’ve read my blog related to The Significance of a Kingdom Woman, you know that sometimes I struggle with believing in my worth and value.  Well, when I flipped to the next chapter in the book, it was as if Jesus knew he needed to help me redefine my value and worth in him.

A Kingdom Woman Is Not Called to Perfection

The chapter starts by stating that a Kingdom Woman, a Proverbs 31 Woman, or whatever title you like to give to yourself, does not mean perfection.  I definitely struggle with this.  Growing up, I’ve always felt like people in my family and in my school put me on a pedestal where essentially I could do no wrong.  As a result, I have walked through life scared to make mistakes because so many people were/are counting on me. Trying to live a perfect life has been such a huge and heavy burden for me to carry.  Specifically, when I was in my abusive relationship, I was fearful to reach out to anyone and tell them that I needed help getting out. Why? Because Videllia was not supposed to be the kind of woman to allow a man to cause her to forget her worth or get abused.  Therefore, I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t tell anyone what I was dealing with.

I’m also reminded of another example. I was previously engaged  and soon found out during my engagement that my ex-fiance was bisexual.  I was very ashamed to tell people why I called off the engagement because again, Videllia should have known better – she should have seen the signs and should have walked away.

I must admit that I still carry this burden sometimes.  At 27, I still struggle with perfection.  However, I am learning that there is no such thing as a perfect person and my value as a woman is not rooted in how perfect I can be.  In fact, God doesn’t even call us to perfection.  He calls us to simply live a life pleasing to HIM and only HIM. If perfection is your struggle, I would encourage you to let it go. It’s okay to be an imperfect person in God’s kingdom because to God, even your imperfections are more than enough for him.

A Kingdom Woman Denounces the Superwoman Mentality

“What too many women frequently do is base their decisions on trying to please others, or trying to earn acceptance, appreciation, or a sense of worth from their decisions, appearance, or actions.” (p19).

A Kingdom Woman’s value is also not placed in how well she pleases others or how well she possesses the Superwoman Mentality.  What’s the Superwoman Mentality you say?  It’s when you try to save the world, save everybody and fix everything.  However, sometimes you have to realize that “fixing things” is not your job – it’s the Lord’s.  As women, we tend to take on so many extra problems and burdens that our shoulders were never equipped to handle.  Learn to give over everyone and everything to God.


This means that you can’t always try to please others.  Let me tell you from firsthand experience that pleasing others will stress you out!!! You can never truly satisfy any one person completely, because our ultimate satisfaction comes from Christ, and guess what? You are NOT Him.  Once you can start to accept this, you can start to release some of those heavy burdens that you’ve been carrying around because of other people’s problems.

Mr. Evans states that the “fastest way to get yourself off track from fulfilling God’s kingdom destiny for you is to view yourself as a superwoman who has to do it all on her own.  Never be ashamed to admit that you can’t do it all.” (p21/28)

If you struggle with trying to be Oliva Pope to everyone in your life, it’s time that you release that.  Release it and rest in God.

A Kingdom Woman’s Value is in Jesus

This chapter ends by stating that the “main thing is that you keep God first and foremost, and His strength will give you what you need to make decisions that will glorify Him”.  Ladies, learn to place your value, your trust, and your worth in Jesus Christ.  You don’t have to go around hoping that people will accept you. God already accepts you.

You don’t have to go around trying to be perfect.  God sees your imperfections and can use those imperfections to advance his kingdom.

You don’t have to please everyone or try to fix everything.  God is the only one that can fix things.  Release it all unto him.

You don’t have to go around trying to prove your worth to others. God has already said you’re worth more than rubies.

And finally, you don’t have to question your value anymore.  God has already said that  you are enough for Him.

Be blessed loves and tune in next time as I share my thoughts about Chapter 2, A Woman of Hope.


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