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Welcome to a safe space! You are likely on this page as you are desiring guidance on how to navigate your singleness and/or dating journey, looking for specific relationship coaching or need to work on boosting your confidence and self-worth. Well I am so happy you are here. You are in the right place.


  • You find yourself constantly ignoring red flags, dating the same kind of men or settling for less than what you deserve
  • You ever struggled with self-worth issues or lack confidence in yourself
  • You want to reshape your thoughts around singleness, dating and relationships
  • You want to grow in your healing so that you can learn to attract healthy individuals into your life

I help my clients navigate the journey from singleness to relationships and everything in between. Additionally, I also help clients who struggle with their self-worth and ways in which to build confidence in themselves and their decision making abilities. I am NOT a therapist*. Therefore, it is NOT my goal to tell you what to do or what decisions to make. Instead, I use a solutions-based approach to help my clients achieve their desired goals, empower them to make the best decisions for their lives and to help you start thriving in your singleness, relationship or self-worth journey. You will find my coaching style to be relaxed, compassionate, motivating and most importantly, non-judgmental. My goal is ultimately to empower YOU! So don’t delay! Sign up for your FREE 15-minute consultation call below.

*Disclaimer – coaching is not therapy and is not considered a substitute for therapy. Therapists are licensed professionals that can diagnose mental health conditions, and (some) can prescribe medication. Coaching, however, helps empower clients to solve their own problems. Lady V reserves the right to refer decline any client if she feels a therapist would be more beneficial.

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