#WCW Queen Spotlight

#WCW Spotlight Feature

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back!”

This statement is such a powerful statement as it shows that as women, instead of tearing one another down, we ought to continuously lift each other up!  That was the whole reason my site was built – to empower, encourage and uplift other women to be the best Queens they can be!  And now I want to give you a chance to recognize either yourself or another dope queen that’s out there crushing this game of life so that we can support and continue to uplift her too!

In 2018, I am introducing a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Queen Spotlight Feature on my Instagram page.  This gives you a chance to nominate a dope woman in your life (or yourself) and be featured on my page.  If interested, please complete the contact form below (space is limited for 2018).

If selected, all we ask is that you follow my page and repost the shout out to your own page once its posted.  And that’s it. Pretty simple and no fees!  I love supporting other women so I can’t wait to support all of those that are nominated! 💜