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Hey loves!

First, let me thank you all for your continued support this past year!  For 2018, I am introducing a lot of new things (including products and giveaways) and I want to be able to connect with all of you in a more personal way so that you never miss out! With that said, I am in process of transferring my WordPress followers to an email service so that I can send you all more personalized emails this year.

As a note, I will not spam you or send you tons of emails!  In fact, you can expect to receive no more than one email each week, unless I am selling a product, hosting a giveaway or have an important announcement (at which you may receive no more than two emails in a given week).

To see if these changes impact you, please keep reading.

WordPress Followers

If you signed up to follow my blog through WordPress (which means you currently have a blog of your own through WordPress), this will not impact you.  You will continue to receive all notifications from my site through your reader or email address associated with your WordPress subscription.

However, I would love to be able to send you personalized email communications as well instead of the generic WordPress email templates that we all receive. If you would like to be moved over to receive more personalized emails from me, complete the form below.  I will then add you to my list and ensure you do not receive duplicate emails.


Email Followers

If you have signed up on my site by inputting your email address, then no further action is needed on your part.  Your email address is being transferred (and don’t worry – this will not be shared with anyone else.)  However, if you would like to opt out, please send me an email to only1v.inspire@gmail.com by January 14th.

Thank you all for your support!

~Videllia ♥

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