Day 22: I Am A Pink Starburst

Key Reminder #2: “Never let anyone treat you like a yellow starburst. You, my dear, are a pink starburst.” ~Author Unknown

I LOVES me some pink Starbursts. Like. Best. Invention. Ever. I was even happier when they finally came out with an all pink and red package of Starbursts. I never had to suffer through another yellow or orange starburst again. I remember growing up (and even now), I would sort through the package and pull out only the pinks and reds and discard the yellows and oranges.

I laugh as I reminisce on that because I see how valuable the pink (and red) Starbursts were to me. So when I came across this quote on the internet, I thought it was very fitting as one of the summary topics for this series. You my dear are a pink starburst. All throughout the series, I have encouraged you to realize your worth for yourself and to be confident in it. So as you continue onward with your journey’s, don’t allow anyone or anything to discard you like you are a worthless individual. Whether that’s a beau, friend, foe, job, family member, etc. you should never be treated as anything less than the valuable woman or man that you are. Remember, if you find yourself in a situation where you are being treated as less than your true value, then you should reevaluate that situation and make changes as necessary. Maybe you’re worthy of it but it’s not worthy of you!!!

And if it’s not necessarily a situation that makes you feel devalued but is instead a your own views toward yourself then look yourself in the mirror and say positive affirmations daily until you start to believe that you are worth all that life has to offer and so much more. In either case, know that you are a pink starburst and you should always be treated as such!


#KnowYourWorthChallenge: How will you use what you have learned/are learning from the KnowYourWorth Series in your life? Let me know below!

Copyright © 2017 Videllia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Day 22: I Am A Pink Starburst

  1. bluejewelette

    I will use this series as a book of knowledge & wisdom. Whenever I feel down or feel like something is not right, I will talk to God first & use your techinques of “I am worth” in (my)self & in every situation I may face.

    Liked by 1 person

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