Day 7: I Am Flawed and Unashamed

“You are altogether beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you.” ~Song of Sol 4:7

I am super excited to share a post on this scripture because it is the whole premise of my blog – “I Am Me: Perfectly Imperfect. Flawed and Unashamed”. I created my blog to inspire people, especially women, to be whole in themselves, comfortable in their perfect imperfections and unashamed of being who they were created to be.

I was going through a rough time after a break-up. I didn’t think I was pretty enough. Didn’t think my hair was long enough. Didn’t think I dressed sexy enough. Hated the mole that had developed on my face (even though now I love it, makes me feel like Tamera Mowry). And so forth. I was really down and depressed. Then someone encouraged me to read through the book of Song of Solomon. I was desperate to have my spirits lifted so I obliged. Now Song of Solomon can be a little, um, Rated R compared to the other books in the bible (haha).  HOWEVER, this verse stood out and spoke to me on so many levels!

Written by Solomon, influenced by God, this verse serves as a reminder that even those things we see as flaws within ourselves are perfect in God’s eyes. Therefore, we don’t have to be depressed, lose confidence or see ourselves as less than others (i.e. diminishing our value). Remember my Mona Lisa story on Day 5. Da Vinci’s painting was thought to have been flawed but it is STILL considered to be a masterpiece. So remember that honey. You are STILL a beautiful masterpiece – just the way you are!


#KnowYourWorthChallenge: Write down the 3 biggest “flaws” that you see in yourself. Recite this prayer – “Heavenly Father, I come right now praying that you bind negative thoughts that I have about and towards myself. Help me to see the perfections even in what I consider to be imperfections and walk knowing that regardless I am still beautiful in your eyes.”

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