Day 5: I Am God’s Masterpiece

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” -Ephesians 2:10

If you Google the word “masterpiece” you will see that it defines the word as an OUTSTANDING work of artistry, skill or workmanship.  In other words, it is so outstanding and requires so much skill that the value of original masterpieces are so much more than copies.  One masterpiece that I love is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.  Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci did not finish several of his paintings, including the Mona Lisa as well as his painting over the Last Supper and Lady with an Ermine?  Try doing a web search to get a view of these paintings.  To the artistic eye, it might appear that these unfinished paintings were missing something that was needed to make them complete.  That these paintings were indeed “flawed”.  However, these “imperfect” paintings were considered perfect paintings to the Creator.  Flawed and all, finished or not, they were still considered to be a Masterpiece.

Your Creator isn’t Da Vinci but it is Jesus Christ and you are his most perfect Masterpiece.  Therefore, that means you are highly valued! So stop allowing people to make you feel like anything less than.  You lift your head up high and BE that masterpiece that God has created you to be!


#KnowYourWorthChallenge:  Memorize the scripture above. Recite it over and over until it becomes so familiar to you that you don’t even stumble.  Remember, the enemy tries to come in and attack us and one of the ways he does it is by attacking our minds!  Therefore, we need to know for ourselves that we are masterpieces that way NO ONE can come in and devalue us!

Copyright © 2017 Videllia Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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