Day 2 – The Breakdown


There are several ways in which we can identify our worth. Writing this series, it was really hard to break it all down because I am so passionate about sharing as much with you all to help you on your journey. But I finally was able to come up with a summarized list of topics for you as shown in the image.

As you reflect over the topics, I want you to also start learning to change your mindset. You will see as we unpack this series that our worth is all tied into our mind and how we view ourselves. Therefore, I want us to learn to release all of those negative thoughts that we have ever had about our own value and self-worth and replace those with positive thoughts, words of affirmation, scripture and so forth. Let’s start first by understanding what the word “worth” means.

If you type the word “worth” in Google, you will see the following definition-“the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.”

Focus on that word DESERVE. It didn’t say wants to be valued. It didn’t say desires to be valued. It says DESERVES to be valued. Whenever I come across definitions, scriptures or quotes, I always try to make the statements more personal. “I, Videllia, deserve to be valued.” Now make that statement personal for you too! You have to know that YOU DESERVE TO BE VALUED ABOVE ALL ELSE. And let me be the first to tell you – anything/anyone that isn’t valuing you honey, is really only hindering you.

Throughout this series you may find yourself in a difficult place. I’m going to challenge you, ask some hard questions and make you think about somethings that you otherwise didn’t want to consider. However, I believe you will get the most from this series as long as you can keep that definition in the forefront of your mind.


#KnowYourWorthChallenge: What does the word “worth” mean to you? Comment below or write your own definition of worth in your journal.

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