‘Cuz I’m Happy

I shared this with my facebook friends today and felt that it was a great fit for me to use for first blog and to see how this whole blogging thing works…

Encouragement for You:  My biggest struggle as a Christian woman is not jealousy, cursing, dressing scantily, or even sex. My biggest struggle is simply accepting the life that God has for me. You see sometimes we develop this “check-the-box” mentality-checking off everything that we feel we are doing right. I’m not having sex(check), not envying others (check), not judging folks (check), etc. Then we think we are entitled to certain rewards/benefits in life. We have this entitled ego that says Lord, I tithe faithfully so why can’t you bless me with more money? Lord, I come to church every Sunday, so why can’t you bless me with a job? Lord, I’m not out here having sex so why can’t you bless me with a husband? (And so forth.)

Well, through song this morning, God simply told me to be “Happy” with where I am in life. To clap if I feel like happiness is the truth, to not let anyone OR anything bring you down.

I just wanted to encourage someone else who may feel the way I feel at times to be happy with where you are. Don’t let anyone take your happiness “high” and just enjoy YOUR life for what it is, not for what you wish it could be…

(This encouragement was inspired by Pharell’s song “Happy”…God doesn’t always have to speak to us through scriptures or some sermon lol)

Click here to watch the “Happy” video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM

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